Created Equal – Stunning People Photography by Mark Laita

We are living in a world of seemingly constant conflict and clashing between social classes, religions, nations and political leaders.

To remind us, that we are all human and created equal, photographer Mark Laita has released a book, aptly titled Created Equal. The images of people from different economic backgrounds, races, religions, and professions are placed side-by-side and involuntarily cause the viewer to  think about their likenesses.




Baptist Churchgoer, White Supremacist


Gang Member/Mafioso


Homeless Man/Real Estate Developer


Astronaut/Alien Abductee


French Chef/Short Cook


Amish Teenagers/Punk Teenagers

See more photographs from the book on Mark’s homepage.

You can order the book via Amazon (com/de).

Via My Modern Met.

Great Resource for Learning Typography

Meet Your Type is a great e-book that explains Typography in a very enjoyable way. Created by FontShop in collaboration with students at Brigham Young University, it is available for free to download along with several other documents filled with typography tips and tutorials.


From the content:
– You just want me for my body (Type Anatomy)
– Does (point) size matter? (Type Measurement)

– Meet the parents (Type Family)
– How close is too close? (Kerning, Leading, Letter Spacing)