Arabic Typography by Muiz Anwar

Here are some nice artworks based on a new Arabic typeface designed at Font Shop International headquarters in Berlin by Muiz Anwar. Muiz Anwar, born and raised in Manchester, UK, started to explore the arabic roots only after the events of 09/11 (to read the full story about the background of his work, check out the Q&A with him by Ibraheem Youssef). 


Unfortunately, I couln’t find any evidence if the typeface is already finished or still under development. If you know more about it, please let me know. 

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  1. Hey Michael, thanks for the feature! The Arabic design is actually completed – I’m currently working on a matching Latin to accompany it before an official release through FontShop International.

    Will be sure to make a big annoucement [as will FSI] once complete and ready for global distribution! 🙂

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