Making Future Magic: iPad Light Painting meets Stop-Motion Animation

Watch this stunning work of Dentsu London and BERG. Asking themselves “…what might a magical version of the future of media look like?”, they used the iPad to create typographic holograms captured with long exposure photography as the iPad was moved through the air. They explain:

First we create software models of three-dimensional typography, objects and animations. We render cross sections of these models, like a virtual CAT scan, making a series of outlines of slices of each form. We play these back on the surface of the iPad as movies, and drag the iPad through the air to extrude shapes captured in long exposure photographs. Each 3D form is itself a single frame of a 3D animation, so each long exposure still is only a single image in a composite stop frame animation.

Read more about “Making Future Magic” at the Dentsu London blog and the BERG blog.

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