Visualizing how our population reached 7 Billion so fast

It was just over two centuries ago that the global population was 1 billion in 1804. But better medicine and improved agriculture resulted in higher life expectancy for children, dramatically increasing the world population.

Watch how our global population exploded from 300 million to 7 billion in this brilliantly visualized video by Adam Cole and Maggie Starbard for NPR.

For more detailed information on the topic, read the related article on NPR

Moreover, I highly recommend you to watch Hans Rosling’s eye-opening and entertaining talk on global population growth (infact, this is a must-see). 

Street Art meets Advertising: Explosive Launch of Levi’s “Go Forth” Campaign in Berlin

To launch their 2011 “Go Forth” campaign, Levi’s collaborated with Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto aka Vhils to create a series of portraits of local “modern day pioneers” on walls in Berlin. Using explosives to unveil the portraits, Vhils did not only create great murals but also an impressive action sequence with carries the empowering statement “Now is our time”.

(Click through to YouTube to watch in HD and full screen!)

The street murals feature community organizer Fadi Saad, who is working with immigrant teenagers to help them acclimatise to German society, artist duo Various & Gould, photographer Sven Marquardt and Joe Hatchiban, who hosts large outdoor karaoke shows in the city.


– Fadi Saad: Revalerstrasse 99
– Various & Gould: An der Schillingsbruecke
– Sven Marquardt: Postdamer Str. 151
– Joe Hatchiban: Chausseestr. 36

Also check out the Making-of.

Let The Arts Roam: Street Art by El Mac and Retna

Let The Arts Roam documents recent work of street artists El Mac and Retna for a school in Los Angeles. The video portrait is part of the I Am Los Angeles project by Joris Debeij.

Wherever they go, they try to make something that makes sense for the neighborhood, and the community. And they always make something positive, something the artists hope people can enjoy — regardless of whether life has greeted them with great fortune. Armed with a vision and their cans of spray paint, El Mac and Retna will transform a forgotten wall into a piece of art.